• Space is the Place, introducing No Problemo

    NO PROBLEMO AREA 001We are more than excited to introduce you all to the out-of-this-world being that is No Problemo.

    After 15 years of graphic lead subversion from Sofia Prantera (former mastermind behind Silas) and her fledging Aries label, we see the newest addition to Sofia’s legacy with the familiarly named ‘No Problemo’ diffusion line. Any Aries fan will already be aware of No Problemo, a creation of the legendary Fergus Purcell and a now iconic Aries slogan which has adorned their diverse catalog of referential creations from its inception.

    NO PROBLMEO AREA 001It makes sense that such a powerful motif has evolved into its own namesake brand, to quote Sofia herself “I love the ambiguity of it, you know you’ve heard it before but you can’t quite think where”. Trying to investigate the origins of the phrase will lead you down a nostalgia-filled cultural wormhole with interstellar stops at The Big Lebowski, Terminator and The Simpsons even launched their own line of “No Problemo’s” cereal in 2002 -  the question remains, where did this mysterious phrase originate come from?

    NO PROBLEMO AREA 001According to Aries, space is the place! Their debut No Problemo Area 001 collection has been promoted by alien propaganda, neon green UFOs and VHS-tinged stills to create sci-fi driven visual chaos while the clothing places focus on simplicity and quality with classic No Problemo graphic branding sitting on Made in Italy basics.

    NO PROBLEMO AREA 001It’s refreshing to see something so pared back from Aries. Where mainline screams and shouts with its unusual cuts and louder statement pieces, No Problemo is in the background quietly playing Alien 3 on Gameboy, no frills essential gear with great fits, and an accessible price point.

    NO PROBLEMO AREA 001The debut collection from No Problemo is tight but considered, with just about everything you need for the upcoming spring season existing in some shape or form. Tees, crewnecks and caps sit alongside socks and beanies rounding out the first of many releases from their freshman collection.

    Explore the collection in full HERE and say it with me, “I want to believe”…

  • adidas Originals Bali 'Island Series'

    ADIDAS ORIGINALS BALI ISLAND SERIESThe adidas Originals Bali ‘Island Series’ is available now on Consortium Releases.

    This iconic adidas Bali silhouette has been hugely anticipated by die-hard fans due to its coveted status as a UK-only release all the way back in 1977. They have remained a treasured favourite nearly 50 years on from their debut and have become a revered moment in the never-ending intricately woven adidas legacy.

    ADIDAS ORIGINALS BALI ISLAND SERIESOfficially scheduled for launch on March 1st 2024, the adidas Bali is a cultural signifier. It’s timeless approach to design personifies everything we love about the brand; tried-and-tested perfected simplicity via tonal hues that mirror the deep blues in the Bali sea just off the northern coast - a makeup that the Adidas team have lovingly recreated for even the most discerning adi heads.

    Although the ‘Island Series’ category is something we’ve all been familiar with for a long time, it’s actually the product of pure adidas cult-ism. When Horst Dassler moved to the French adidas factory in 1959 he pioneered a groundbreaking cultural shift within the brand, opting to move away from sports and instead target the “casual market” that he knew adidas’ innovative and comfort-driven product would likely resonate with.

    ADIDAS ORIGINALS BALI ISLAND SERIESHorst’s plan was to name specific silhouettes after beaches, holiday destinations and islands as a form of aspirational purchase; customers would feel like their feet are on a global vacation and they’re taking that little bit of paradise home with them. This new vacation-centric line was dubbed the ‘Leisure’ series internally at adidas however fans would later coin this the ‘Island Series’ which would go on to be officially adopted by ‘la marque aux trois bandes’ in a full circle moment.

    The adidas Bali would become one of three Indonesian Islands to cruise their way onto an ‘Island Series’ release between 1977-1983 with secondary iterations offering detailed updates on fan favourite silhouettes. The adidas Java debuted alongside the Bali in 1977 with V2 releases in 1982 and 1983 respectively while the adidas Borneo silhouette would arrive 2 years after its older brothers in 1979.

    ADIDAS ORIGINALS BALI ISLAND SERIESThis special release has the (worlds greatest) adidas cult collectors of England in a frenzy due to its rarity and unearthing OG versions are like finding a (very expensive) needle in a haystack.

    Originally made in France we see that affinity for premium product carried over into the re-release of the adidas Bali Island Series with the usual kit you’d expect throughout; luxury suede uppers keep it classy up-top while its business on the bottom with the classic adi rubber outsole that will carry you from Bournemouth to Bali and back again.


    The adidas Originals Bali ‘Island Series’ is available now on Consortium Releases.

  • A Consortium Conversation, Tom Chudley of Service Works.


    Founded by friend and workwear mastermind Tom Chudley, South London’s Service Works was born out of a love for elasticated waists and good food. Their "Designed for Chefs, adapted for all" motto rings true by pairing traditional silhouettes with quality fabrics and fits creating timeless styles that offer industry-standard functionality with elevated comfortability that is suited for everyday life both in-and-out of the kitchen.

    Ethical production and an affinity for eating well are at the forefront of Service Works’ ethos. Each product is made lovingly with their manufacturing partners in India, supporting talent within the garment industry alongside an on-going commitment to partnering with emerging restaurants that are disrupting the culinary landscape from the ground up and having a good time doing it. Relaxed cuts and workwear staples dominate Service Works’ offering which take cues from Tom’s childhood with references to skateboarding, hardcore and tongue-in-cheek humour sewed throughout.

    From cookbooks to lookbooks, chicken shop to chicken parfait, Minor Threat to meatloaf - join us as we catch up with Tom to talk all things Service Works...

    SERVICE WORKS SS24JCM: Whats up Tom!

    TC: Yes Jack! Just the usual really.

    JCM: I don’t think I’ve ever formally sat down and picked your brain on Service Works before, but I can remember hanging out with you in your old studio when it was just going from concept to reality…

    TC: That must have been like a month before lockdown, I remember showing you the very first samples - they sucked! It was lucky I ended up with a lot of free time in the coming weeks to work on them haha. That was the first proper studio I had, it was so good! No windows, but it felt so legit at the time. We left that spot at Peckham Levels in lockdown and never actually went back. It was a shared building so the government's rules on it were super tight. I remember all the rumours of a lockdown and the day before, I hired a Luton van, filled it and cut! Me and Fred, who was my only employee, drove it all to his parents house as they had a garage, and we set up there. Big love to Fred and his family, they are the best.

    JCM: Ah yes the garage legacy; Bezos, Jobs and Chudley. I remember wondering if you ever slept; between producing in-house lines for Blacksmith, functioning as a multi-brand retailer and having a family too I couldn’t imagine how you’d be able to throw something else into the mix - I guess I’m more intrigued than ever, does Mr.Service Works ever rest?

    TC: Haha I feel like I don't do a great deal. I think, at the moment, I have a good balance of family, photoshop and sitting in the bath. All my boxes are ticked. It was only ever exhausting when I was juggling it with working for other people full time. Being able to do my own thing is way too fun to be tiring and making the type of clothes I'm into is pretty easy. It's a good time and I like trying new things, I should probably just focus on doing one thing but I like hopping about. I'm lucky that I now get to work with good people to help in different areas and they force me to do actual work.

    JCM: I can’t believe you do actual work Tom, you’ve changed maaan... I guess for the unlucky few out there who have yet to stumble upon Service Works, what was the journey like leading up-to its creation? I feel like you’re really good at finding connections between things you’re into that haven’t been explored in a certain way and SW comes across like a natural kneading of your own experiences and interests.SERVICE WORKS WINE SPILL T-SHIRT (WHITE)

    TC: I think similar to Blacksmith, it came out of a frustration of the products which were available at the time. There were loads of brands and garments which, to me, were nearly good in the food/clothing space but all lacked something, whether it be sustainability, value or authenticity, and actual participation in the industry they claimed to be a part of. I basically wanted to bring a load of different aspects of stuff I liked, but wouldn't buy for those reasons, together into one brand. I’d looked at just sourcing and selling a bunch of those brands I liked, but the product or sensibilities were never quite there for me. Luckily, enough other people like my take on it and now it’s almost a functioning business!

    JCM: Yeah for sure, you’re kind of like Seth Rogan in that movie where he wonders why cleaning products are so chemical-ly, except instead of making surface cleaner you can drink you’re making chef trousers you can wear. I think one of the best bits about Service Works is your ability to balance simplicity and functionality with a little dusting of you. We both met through the way we designed tees with that old school affinity for subcultural references, so it's cool to see something exist in contemporary workwear that carries over that same attitude; the “Salsa Verde” Minor Threat riff is a personal favourite.

    TC: Thanks! I think it's a nice way to tell people what I'm into without it becoming the entire brand and you can kind of take it or leave it. I don’t think it takes away from the utility and uniform side of Service Works. T-shirts have always been my favourite way to channel references and go further into the stuff I like. You and I both have quite a broad taste of niche things and to be able to bring them in where they can make sense to the people who know the reference, but similarly, be a cool sentiment without context, is the goal I guess.

    JCM: I reckon Ian Mackaye would rock some Service Works trousers, as a mini-beanie pioneer he’d fit right into East London too. In a world where every other new brand wants to use skateboarding as a cultural validator does it feel strange existing as one of the few where it actually makes sense? I know you used to go skating in your chef trousers after work, I’m guessing because they were pretty comfy, elasticated, loose and already pretty fucked up? Has there always been this cross pollination for you between hospitality and skateboarding and have you noticed the skateboarding and culinary worlds have become closer together since SW’s creation?

    TC: The two have definitely always gone hand in hand for me, and it continues to be the way. Whatever country and city I go to and hang out in, it's exactly the same. I can never figure out exactly why that is, but I guess there is a fairly limited pool of super intense, fast paced, but creative careers, and hospitality employs a lot of people. I think skateboarding and cooking attract the same personalities because of it. In both, you have to constantly be reacting fast or you're going to get hurt, but also the outcome is the most rewarding feeling under the sun and can be achieved in a million different ways. There’s endless room for personal style and interpretation within cooking and skateboarding, and it's so highly celebrated in both. It definitely makes sense and goes beyond trousers but also, loose trousers usually indicate a good time.SERVICE WORKS CANVAS CHEF PANT

    JCM: Yeah thats pretty cool actually and I’ve never thought about that shared affinity for self expression and individuality within both industries. You make a specific “Kitchen-friendly” Trade Trouser for the industry which I thought was really cool as most brands would just take inspiration from chef trousers, make an elevated derivative and leave it there. You guys actually hold your own as a respected label for independent businesses and restaurants, what’s it like existing in both worlds credibly and what bits keep you excited to keep making clothes?

    TC: I think because I'd seen people take inspiration from chef pants like you said, in a corny way, and not really have the industry in mind, it had to be a part of Service Works. I'm super conscious about the fact that we sell to restaurants but also shops who sell £1500 Stone Island jackets. It's a strange place to be because sometimes I want to make a knitted shirt with no practical application whatsoever, but I try not to overthink it. I figure that people working within an industry with a lot of passion and (for me) obsession, it all bleeds into one. Similar to when I would wear my work trousers outside of the kitchen, it doesn't need to be separated out. I think we sell to a certain type of person who is open to a looser way of doing things and less traditional hospitality business owners or pristine, hypey fashion people.

    JCM: Loose living, I like it… The elastic-waisted version of “too blessed to be stressed”. Could you talk us through some of the things you thought were lacking in the pre-existing chef trouser world? What was the journey to realising the perfect fit and fabrics?

    TC: They were always crazy baggy around the hips but then super tapered and bunched up around my ankles. It's a pretty standard fit across most chef pants and looks kind of ridiculous. They were also made using virgin plastic poly-cotton and I didn't want that rubbing up and down my legs for 10 hours a day. There's obviously a huge emphasis on quality of produce in kitchens who care, and I figured there was space to treat uniforms with the same level of respect.

    JCM: Maybe you can make the Michelin guide for chef trousers when you’re bored of being a business tycoon. Quick side note, top 5 food spots in South London?

    TC: There are way too many to name, 5 is super tough, in no order: Camberwell Arms, Llewelyn's, Forza Win, FM Mangal and Morleys. No doubt it would be different if you asked me tomorrow as there are so many people doing great things in South London.

    JCM: Haha, I think Forza Win and Morleys is what they meant in schools when they talk about a balanced diet… I feel like you have one of the best instagrams around because it’s just full of people who are having a great time enjoying food; when so many brands have seasonal mood boards and heavily-produced serious lookbooks SW plates up fun and simplicity. Is there any method behind selecting the restaurants you work with? I can imagine it must be fun doing *cough* “research” *cough*…

    TC: That’s very polite of you. It feels good to not have to do all that mood board or planned stuff and just post as we like. Sometimes we will go like 6 weeks without posting anything, which is probably terrible for business, but it’s nice to have zero pressure to post just for the sake of it. There’s no real method other than using it as a platform to put on (and also eat at) places that we love and think are doing a good thing.

    JCM: Your motto is "Designed for Chefs, adapted for all" - what's the most unusual place you’ve seen a pair of Service Works trousers in the wild?

    TC: I saw a guy working in a Aldi wearing them and it was so crazy. It took me a minute to figure out what was going on, then I had to try and see his face to see if I knew him. No idea who he was but he was killing it and stacking the wine aisle with the most steeze and passion. He was a cool guy. Still waiting for the call from head office to make their uniforms…SERVICE WORKS SS24

    JCM: You heard it here first folks - Service Works X Aldi coming 2025! If there was a Service Works cookbook what would it look like and what would be the go-to recipe for aspiring workwear brand owners?

    TC: Haha I think it would look haggard and well loved, with fat splashed all over it. Probably featuring something really heavy duty like ox-cheek and polenta. Feels workwear appropriate.

    JCM: *Chefs kiss* I’m not really in the food universe but I remember from the outside I would always feel like there was an unavoidable, preconceived assumption of being pretentious if you’re into food. Service Works seems like the antidote to that in many ways, it’s sort of like you can be into eating really great food but also you’re not turning your nose up at sitting back at home and tucking into a childhood classic…

    TC: Yeah I couldn’t agree more. I think because people so often use food for status. Customers and business owners are equally as guilty in giving it a bad name. As with most things, it’s often assumed that price is a marker for quality and taste, which in reality, it obviously is not. Fashion is another perfect example of that being assumed too. Once you get beyond the basic price bracket which ensures the produce/materials are of a good quality and staff are paid fairly, it becomes a pretty level playing field. There are brands and restaurants doing incredible stuff full of care and love at a quarter of the price of a soulless, faux-luxury establishment where the owner has never even entered the building. I think people value authenticity in hospitality now, more now than ever before, and thankfully that can’t be bought or faked. It’s a nice shift away from all the nonsense you used to get lumped into for being someone who is passionate about cooking or even just eating nice food!SERVICE WORKS SS24

    JCM: Tom all this talking about nice food is making me hungry, I’m going to stop interfering with whatever new plans you have for world domination and let you get back to your boardroom. Thank you for taking some time out for us and of course we're all super excited to introduce Service Works to Consortium for the first time!

    TC: Yes please stop asking me questions now, I am incredibly busy running a gigantic international business and time is money and stuff. Big love Jack and Consortium, and thanks for having us! X

    Shop the Service Works Spring/Summer 2024 collection Here

  • PUMA x AMI SS22, a family affair

    Happiness starts with the people you're surrounded by, PUMA and AMI have partnered together through an exclusive collaboration that elevates innovative sportswear design and heritage through Alexandre Mattiussi and the AMI brand's elegant yet nonchalant approach to tailoring.
    Through a Parisian lens the collection masters a mix of neutral tones, bold colours, premium materials and minimalistic branding where the AMI de Coeur, AMI’s signature symbol, is merged with the PUMA logo to make a co-branded graphic that can be seen across all pieces in the collection. Silhouettes are long and boxy, fabrics drape elegantly, footwear design is clean and considered - the collaborative SS22 collection channels a sleek and sharp attitude uniquely obtained through AMI's luxury high-fashion perspective.
    Enter for an opportunity to purchase items from PUMA x AMI SS22 via Consortium Releases - draws close Friday 18th March at 12:00 hrs GMT.

    Romeo Beckham and Mia Regan are featured in the global launch campaign shot by photographer Eddie Wrey. “What I love the most about them is their energy and their individual style. That and they are clearly in love. Romeo and Mia embody very well the spirit of the collection,” said Mattiussi when asked why the brands selected the couple as the frontrunners for their debut campaign with PUMA.

    The collection includes two of PUMA’s classic footwear silhouettes, the Slipstream Lo and Suede Crepe.

    In a clean, understated colourway that flaunts the shoe's panelled construction, the Slipstream Lo presents a blend of premium leather and suede overlays with fine stitched detailing. Key additions to the silhouette include; perforations on the vamp, co-branded woven label on the tongue and a PUMA 'anti shock system' sole unit.

    The second silhouette in the footwear collection offers a new spin on the classic Suede Crepe shoe, sporting minimalist design and bold colours for maximum impact. A premium suede upper receives a contrasting leather Formstrip, a co-branded woven tongue label and a real crepe sole.

    Key outerwear pieces expertly hybridise between elevated and slouchy. A trench inspired, water-resistant, lightweight jacket in technical crinkled nylon and a soft jersey full-zip track top take a modern spin on streetwear.

    French terry crewnecks and hoods adorning the embroidered AMI x Puma 'AMI de Coeur' logo design nod to Puma's athletic sportswear heritage whilst conveying contemporary, fashion forward, boxy silhouettes. All jersey pieces in the collection are made from 70% organic cotton and 30% recycled cotton jersey - one of PUMA´s answers to reduce fashion's environmental impact.


    Wide cut shorts and track pants effortlessly pair the collection's footwear to achieve a stylish and comprehensive look that blurs the boundaries between both casual and chic.

    The collection is finished with two embroidered co-branded logo t-shirts. "I'm very proud of the way we mixed the logos together. It is a very honest collaboration, not trying too hard, not pretentious. It's just fun. I feel that this is where clothes need to stay, at a level which is a very simple pleasure. We have a nice collaboration with two brands people love." Alexandre Mattiussi.

    We are very happy to re-introduce PUMA with us through the debut PUMA x AMI SS22 collection! Enter via Consortium Releases for your chance to secure items from the collection.

  • adidas Originals x SPEZIAL Pre-Spring '22

    Through a unique lens, adidas SPEZIAL reinterprets technical winterised footwear and vintage military inspired outdoor apparel within its Pre-Spring ’22 collection.

    Gary Aspden and his design team, with input from avid collectors and knowledgable community-spirited 3-Stripe experts, deliver an outstanding reworking of archival designs, hybridised silhouettes and re-invented quintessential classics. A truly unique and refreshing adidas SPEZIAL collection by 3-Stripe connoisseurs for 3-Stripe connoisseurs.

    This season’s campaign honours the unspoken bond between adidas SPEZIAL and football. Featuring professional Premier League footballers:Alfie Devine (Tottenham Hotspur) Kieran Tierney (Arsenal) and Hamza Choudhury (Leicester City).

    adidas Originals x SPEZIAL Barrowland SPZL

    With its concept stemming from the asymmetrical South African 'Court' silhouette, the adidas Originals x SPEZIAL Barrowland SPZL uniquely displays a mirrored window 'cutaway' on the toe-box to achieve a symmetrical design and a slightly reworked version of the much beloved, classic adidas 'T' toe.

    Offered in two colourways for Pre-Spring ’22, the name Barrowland, suggested by a group of Scottish SPEZIAL fans, reminds us how these adidas SPEZIAL collections are curated by Gary Aspen and his team with the loyal brand supporters in mind.

    A technical take on the Lotherton SPZL from SS20, resembled through a 'mist stone' nubuck leather upper with contrasting 3-Stripes, heel tab and midsole. The Lothertex SPZL features a weatherproof adi-Tex membrane and gusset tongue construction.

    adidas Originals x SPEZIAL Carnforth SPZL

    Built in a soft, premium full-grain leather upper with archival leather logo patch branding, the adidas Originals x SPEZIAL Carnforth SPZL is based on a vintage leisure shoe. Keeping in line with this season's focus, the Carnforth SPZL also blends elements of outdoor trekking with suede overlays and raised rubber toe and heel guards on the midsole for added protection.

    adidas Originals x SPEZIAL Moscrop SPZL

    A Cordura shell upper, suede overlays, metal eyelets and a heavy-tread outsole defines the adidas Originals x SPEZIAL Moscrop SPZL as a winterised trekking silhouette with its initial inspirations stemming out of the OG Raider silhouette from '86/'87.

    adidas Originals x SPEZIAL Winterhill SPZL

    A renowned SPEZIAL favourite, the adidas Originals x SPEZIAL Winterhill SPZL returns for this season's shoe line-up in a full navy and red accented upper. The silhouette has been revised for Pre-Spring '22 with a seasonal focus on the addition of an adi-Tex membrane to further weatherproof the shoe's technical ripstop and suede accented upper.

    adidas Originals x SPEZIAL Trongate Jacket

    The Trongate Jacket offers a multi-pocketed, sealed seam tactical jacket in 'night red'. The full metal zip design features a collar as well as a stud fastening hood.

    adidas Originals x SPEZIAL Barrowland Jacket

    The Barrowland Jacket, a technical, taped-seam parka is based on the Horwich Jacket from SS17 fitted with new SPEZIAL insignia patches on the arms.

    adidas Originals x SPEZIAL Mod Trefoil Crew Neck Sweatshirt

    An updated colourway of a timeless fan favourite, the Mod Trefoil Crew Neck Sweatshirt in 'night navy' cotton jersey receives a brushed cotton inner and sports an off-white printed adidas SPEZIAL mod trefoil logo on the chest.

    adidas Originals x SPEZIAL Meanwood Polo Shirt

    The Meanwood Polo Shirt is a classic three button placket design in a clean and minimal 'focus olive' colourway featuring 3-Stripes running down the arms, ribbed detailing at the cuffs and hemline and finished with a contrasting navy adidas SPEZIAL logo patch.

    adidas Originals x SPEZIAL Anderston Top and Pant

    Paying homage to the brands inimitable sportswear heritage, the matching Anderston Top and Track Pant offer a nod to this season's vintage military inspiration with a soft shell material outer and 3D tactical pockets.

    The adidas Originals x SPEZIAL Pre-Spring '22 collection is available to purchase via our raffle system on Consortium Releases. Draws close Thursday 3rd February at 08:30 hrs GMT.

  • Mini Rodini AW21 - M.Rodini on Marvelous Outdoor Adventures

    Mini Rodini is a Swedish children’s wear brand that was founded in 2006 by illustrator Cassandra Rhodin as a tribute to all kids, their imagination and sense that everything is possible. Mini Rodini takes playfulness seriously, meaning it is important that children too have clothes that match their own personality, mood and creativity. The brand focuses on creating good quality, well-crafted clothes that inspire children and their parents alike with a forward-thinking Swedish fashion sensibility of smart, straightforward garments, soft tonal colour palettes and playful graphics.

    Sustainability and doing right by the planet exists at the core of everything Mini Rodini does. The brand advocates an eco conscious attitude towards their production standards and fabrics as they're seen as leaders in the sustainable fashion industry with one of the most eco-friendly product ranges on the market - made up of 99.5 % sustainable materials.

    The latest collection from the Scandinavian children’s-wear brand captures the sense of escapism for the wild at heart, embarking on first excursions and whilst discovering the magical outdoors, we find ourselves.

    Featured throughout the collection are original artwork graphic prints designed by founder Cassandra Rhodin; inspired by the Arctic wildlife of Greenland, the fantasy of its tundra landscape and the Inuit great Polar Bear spirit, Nanook, the master of bears.

    Join us as we embark on an epic Greenland adventure…

    We are stocking Mini Rodini clothing and accessories suitable for Girls and Boys in a wide range of sizes covering most ages, take a look over on our website!

  • adidas Originals Jeans

    Enter our daw for an opportunity to purchase a pair of adidas Originals Jeans via Consortium Releases - draws close Wednesday 4th August at 12:00 hrs BST.

    A one-to-one make-up of the adidas Originals Jeans MKII silhouette, reviving the shoe's original ‘Mint Ton/Victory Blue’ and ‘Red/Collegiate Navy’ colourways. Last reissued in the super limited and highly sought-after release in 2015, these two authentic variants of the Jeans are now back in their OG make-up for 2021.

    The adidas Originals Jeans is a seminal silhouette in the adidas timeline, designed as a casual-wear trainer through its slim profile utilising classic adidas sport-performance tooling and ergonomics - further increasing its durability whilst maintaining comfort. The shoe was originally released in specifically implemented colourways designed to be worn preferably and easily with denim; through its OG ‘Mint Ton/Victory Blue’ understated tonal colourway in 1977 and later with its ‘Red’ configuration in 1986 showcasing a new, more punchy and vibrant alternative with contrasting ‘Collegiate Navy’ accenting to sit perfectly against indigo denim.

    Both shoes are identically constructed of a full suede upper, serrated adidas signature Three Stripes, pleather heel moustache, foam backed suede tongue with adidas Trefoil printed tongue label branding and finished with metallic gold foil ‘Jeans’ side text. Most notably, the adidas Originals Jeans feature the iconic rubber toe protector and heel stabiliser built on top of its Trefoil tread pattern rubber outsole.

    The adidas Originals Jeans showcase a landmark silhouette for adidas design and have since been celebrated as a casual, revivalist and adidas collector favourite due to it’s historical significance and particular uniqueness amongst adidas Originals footwear from the 1970s.

    Enter our daw for an opportunity to purchase a pair of adidas Originals Jeans via Consortium Releases, draws close Wednesday 4th August at 12:00 hrs BST.

  • Nike SB Contest Legends

    From 8am start times to coming out net-negative after a win, Elissa Steamer, Eric Koston, Lance Mountain and Paul Rodriguez look back at contests over the years - watch the Contest Legends video from Nike SB below!

    Lance Mountain, Elissa Steamer, Paul Rodriguez, and Eric Koston aren’t just skateboarding’s elite, they’ve excelled at the highest level of competition. It’s about power, it’s about potential, and every showdown champions those who rise to the occasion and skateboarding as a whole.

    In between the heats, contests are about community—everyone coming together in one place to level up and take skateboarding’s temperature. As much as we remember the NBDs, the flawless runs, and epic battles, lasting memories and friendships are made off the course. New places, new faces, new tricks, new styles, even when the pressure’s on, every competition celebrates skateboarding’s spirit. It’s a time for everyone to be laser-focused on the moment and celebrate the soul of skating as much as its talent.

    Unlike any other sport, skateboarding elevates the victors and the entire community with every competition. As we approach history in Tokyo, Japan, some of skateboarding’s biggest contest legends break down how competition exists as a personal battle and platform for the culture. In the end, there can only be one winner for each event but with the world watching, there’s a singular goal: spreading the stoke.

  • adidas Originals Rouge, Bleu, Blanc

    Enter our draw for an opportunity to purchase a pair of adidas Originals Rouge, Bleu, Blanc via Consortium Releases - draws close Wednesday 28th July at 12:00 hr BST.

    The adidas Originals Rouge, Bleu, Blanc tricolour pack is a cleanly executed footwear collection celebrating the adidas Originals Rouge silhouette with 2021 new and updated colourways to complete the tricolour of the French flag. The three colours together hold significance in representing the three elements of the revolutionary motto, liberté/freedom (blue), égalité/equality (white), fraternité/brotherhood (red).

    The three shoes feature in a full premium suede upper with suede toe box and lace trim overlays, classic serrated 3-Stripes, heel moustache and translucent rubber gum sole - each shoe is aptly named with Rouge, Bleu or Blanc gold foil lettering.

    An historical adidas Originals footwear silhouette uniquely named by its colour, the Rouge is one of the most celebrated and desirable ‘classic’ adidas models and the tricolour pack features an OG make-up and one-to-one reissue of the Rouge upon its first release in 1976.

    The adidas Originals Rouge, Bleu, Blanc are available via our releases platform, head over to Consortium Releases to secure your pair!

  • adidas Skateboarding Forum 84 Mid ADV ‘Diego Nájera’

    Enter our draw for an opportunity to purchase a pair of adidas Skateboarding Forum 84 Mid ADV ‘Diego Nájera’ via Consortium Releases - draw closes Friday 23rd July at 12:00 hrs BST.

    Today adidas Skateboarding unveils its first-ever take on the brand’s iconic Forum basketball silhouette with the Forum 84 ADV, reimagined and meticulously co-designed with Pro team rider Diego Nájera. Inspired by Nájera’s unique lens on the City of Angels, the native Angelino appropriately chose the Forum 84 Mid ADV to pay homage to one of his favourite footwear models – taking a spin on the hardwood classic and his love for car customisation and tuner culture.

    The Forum 84 ADV by Diego Nájera is a West Coast certified and fully skateable interpretation of the Forum heritage classic with enhanced performance updates specific for skateboarding. Nájera’s custom detailing includes a removable Velcro strap, ice blue accents and translucent panelling along with his signature subtly placed in handwritten script on the bottom of the outsole. A mashup of premium grain leather upper, suede eye stays, mesh backed stripes and tumbled leather toe box provide for ultimate stability, breathability and extended durability.

    The Forum 84 ADV by Diego Nájera is a fully skateable interpretation of the iconic classic that debuted in 1984 that was championed across basketball and street lifestyle - head over to Consortium Releases to enter our draw for an opportunity to purchase a pair of adidas Skateboarding Forum 84 Mid ADV ‘Diego Nájera’.

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