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Real Skateboards

San Fransisco's Real Skateboards was founded in early 1991 by former Powell-Peralta riders, Tommy Guerrero and Jim Thiebaud. Real would go on to pioneer skateboarding as we know it with its unique board graphics and incredible teams throughout the years. With the likes of Mark Gonzales and Keith Hufnagel riding for the team in the 90s, Real would go on to produce some of the most influential skate videos to date, such as Real to Reel and Non-Fiction. The Real Team already includes legends & pros like Dennis Busenitz, Ishod Wair, and Chima Ferguson but has introduced mighty young bloods, such as Zion Wright, who has taken the skateboard world by storm. Real is a skater-owned brand and a staple of any skate shop around the world that has stood the test of time.