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From humble beginnings in Japan, Hario began its life under the name Hiromu Shibata Works in 1921, manufacturing heatproof glass for laboratory glassware. As Japan's industrial revolution blossomed following WW2, in the coming decades Hario would branch out into homeware and household items. Although Hario was already a leader in the coffee brewing industry for innovation, it wasn't until development completed in 2004 for the V60 coffee cone-shaped dripper for pour-over brews, that Hario would be globally recognized by the mainstream public. Although Hario is well known for its heat proof-glass, the V60, which is named after the sixty-degree angle that the cone creates, is actually made of porcelain with the glass, metal, and plastic versions developed later. What makes the V60 a masterclass in brewing coffee, is the attention to detail with the siphon having spiral-shaped ribs to prevent the filter from sticking which allows more water to contact the coffee grounds drawing out more flavours. The dripper has become a staple piece for all coffee lovers & connoisseurs and still continues to win countless awards for coffee brewing to this day. Hario, meaning "Glass King", is still an industry-leading glass manufacturer with Hario still being the only heatproof glass manufacturer in Japan to have a factory while still offering high-quality countless homeware, glassware, and coffee & tea products to a worldwide audience.