About Consortium

Consortium was established in 1993 on the UK's south coast in Bournemouth.

Defying industry norms from the jump we opened as an independently owned skate, sneaker and streetwear store offering an unconventional brand mix that took cues from the things we loved rather than the trends we saw. This deep-rooted personal approach to retail created a space that truly lived - as we grew, it grew too.

Over 30 years of organic evolution and unparalleled cross-category disruption has positioned us as industry mainstays, we champion brands and product that reflects the subversive, free-thinking spirit Consortium was built upon from the beginning. Our heritage and contemporary categories coexist seamlessly creating a diverse and peaceful ecosystem that spans womenswear; independent publishing; skateboarding; technical apparel; limited sneaker releases and coastal outdoors lifestyle among many other inhabitants.

In a world full of uninspired high streets, corporate ownership and “copy-and-paste” identities Consortium holds true, forever fighting the good fight, forever independent…


Consortium is a trading name of 7 Ply Ltd, UK company registration number 06595005.