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adidas Originals by Jonah Hill Superstar

The adidas Originals by Jonah Hill Superstar releases with us online on Saturday 11th July at 11am BST.

With the adidas archive at its foundation, adidas Originals bring us a collaborative Superstar inspired by Jonah Hill’s upbringing on the West Coast of America during the 1990s.  This striking new take of the instantly recognisable shell-toe sneaker shines a light on the silhouette’s timeless style.

The collaborative sneaker seamlessly merges a sophisticated look with homemade punk aesthetics, evoking a premium feel whilst highlighting a non-conformist edge.

Hill started out his partnership with adidas in early 2019 when he directed 'The Change is a Team Sport' campaign to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the adidas Superstar. The campaign featured many of the high profile celebrities associated with the brand including Pharrell Williams and Blondey McCoy.

Famous for his numerous acting roles and academy award nominations for films including, The Wolf of Wall Street and Moneyball. Jonah has more recently made his directing and writing debut with the skateboarding movie 'Mid 90's'. Jonah's skateboarding heritage genuinely rolls right back to the era of his film when he was a Santa Monica Courthouse local and a grom at the Hot Rod skateboard shop. Over the years he has popped up many times in the world of skateboarding making a number of appearances in Palace ads, a Crailtap top 5 (or is that 7), an appearance on Muska's Epicly Later'd and a slot in the Big Brother story Dumb.

Jonah explains the creative process and his personal relationship to the silhouette: “I started thinking back to all the experiences I had growing up while wearing them, and tried to make my fantasy version of what I would have wanted when I first wore them.”




This instantly recognisable Superstar is made-up in a core-white full-grain leather upper with subtle and unorthodox three stripes details. SUPERSTAR is stitched on the side of the shoe in Jonah's handwriting as well as his initials on the heel moustache which is fixed to the shoe with oversize blanket stitch. The fat laces, with a subtle green stitch running through them, sit over a tongue which has a lion embroidered on the inside as a nod to one of Jonah's tattoos. Finished with an off-white sole and the instantly recognisable superstar shell toe.

The adidas Originals by Jonah Hill Superstar releases with us online on Saturday 11th July at 11am BST.

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