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Magic Castles

Magic Castles  are a collective of industry wizards carefully blending years of knowledge and experience with their personal passions and taking us on a trip into a luxurious mystical psychedelic world.

With roots in musical sub-culture Magic Castles pair their visual display with music that reflects the creators taste and influences. You can access the sonic world of Magic Castles through their radio broadcasts, Spotify playlists and regular Soundcloud mixes. Tune in on a summers evening - turn off your mind, relax and float downstream…

Magic Castles' no rules approach to design brings us an opening collection including distinctively designed Camp Collar Shirts. Constructed for a relaxed fit the cuts and fabrics are refined, and so are the graphics, but not in a conventional way, this is an extraordinary potion.

Their Two Layer Shorts are featured in two complimentary all-over patterns, made up in a soft double layered fabric allowing a free-structure.

Other collection highlights are the Reversible Collarless Jacket - produced in a soft nylon shell with black fleece reversible lining. And the Drawcord Trousers, in a cotton/nylon mix featuring subtle pink 'Magic Castles' embroidery on the left leg and contrasting wave patterns on the inside of the waistband.

Magic Castles are kindred spirits and we've been swept up on their ride to unlock more doors and escape the dragons of reality.

Shop Magic Castles clothing with us online now.