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During the march dumps of 1991, Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hall came up with the idea of starting a riding company based around the three sports they enjoyed surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding. With an initial $5000 from Richard's dad they started the process. First the name and then the stone . Volcom was born. The Volcom idea would incorporate a major philosophy of the times, "youth against establishment". This energy was an enlightened state to support young creative thinking. Volcom was a family of people not willing to accept the suppression of the established ways. It was all about spirit and creativity. Clothing sales for the first year were $2600. Since those wild beginnings, the Volcom Stone has spread slowly across the world. The Company has matured internally but continues to run off the same philosophy it started with. The Volcom thinking now flows through its art, music, films, athletes and clothing.

New products arriving soon.