Nike Free Run+ 2

Nike Free Run running shoes, first introduced in 2004, were designed to optimize the foot's natural range of motion.
The Nike design team spent eight years studying the biomechanics of shoeless running after learning that Stanford athletes had been training barefoot on the university's golf course.
Three of Nike's most innovative and creative employees set out to develop a shoe that felt natural and weightless, just like bare feet. In 2002, they examined a group of men and women with pressure measuring insoles taped to their feet, using high speed cameras to capture images of each foot in motion. The results yielded a profound understanding of the foot's natural landing angle, pressure and toe position, allowing Nike designers to build an unconventional and flexible running shoe from the inside out.
Nike Frees are different than traditional athletic shoes. They’re designed to let your feet move more freely and naturally, which means your muscles will be doing a bit more work than demanded of them in some other athletic shoes. Nike encourages you to get used to them gradually for a safer, more effective and more enjoyable experience.

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