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Altamont Apparel

Altamont is a skatewear company headed up by Andrew Reynolds and Fos that is nestled under the wing of Sole Technologies. Named after and inspired by the Altamont Speedway Free Festival which was headlined by the Rolling Stones, had an attendance of around 300,000, and is well known for the violence that broke out between Hell's Angels and hippies. Altamont love to design exceptional clothing and in their own words: 'Each season, Altamont bring together a diverse group of creative outcasts — people who make their living by doing what they love most — be they skateboarders, musicians, artists or designers. These people are, like Altamont, cut from a different cloth and Altamont invite their direct contributions to the collection so their stories will inspire other people to pursue whatever it is they themselves love and maybe even to splash some paint, slap metal to coping, start a band and make a contribution themselves.’