adidas Stan Smith

The infamous adidas Stan Smith vintage tennis shoe was adidas’s first tennis shoe, was the first ever leather tennis shoe, and was originally the signature shoe of another player – Robert Haillet.
In 1963 Horst Dassler (son of adidas’s founder Adolf ‘Adi’ Dassler) came up with the concept for the first adidas tennis shoe.
In 1965 the shoe was endorsed by French professional tennis player Robert Haillet and was marketed as the adidas Robert Haillet.
A couple of years later Robert Haillet retired from his tennis career and adidas turned to Stan Smith (who by that time had won the US Open & Wimbledon, and was accredited as the world’s number one mens tennis player) in a bid to continue with their success of the shoe.
In 1973 a royalties agreement was put into place for Stan Smith to take over the endorsement of the style but Haillet’s name remained on the shoe’s tongue above a sketched portrait of Stan Smith for some years until it was finally replaced by Stan Smith’s own name in 1978.

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