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The concept of RVCA was conceived by the companys founder and designer PM Tenore. PM's vision was to create a design-driven brand without compromising its roots in an active lifestyle. From the birth of RVCA in 2002, community has always been the main focus of the brand. RVCA showcases artists original works through the ANP (Artist Network Program), an on going program with some of the worlds most influential artists. A portion of all ANP garment revenue is then donated to a charity of the artists choice. So buying a RVCA ANP tee can mean donating to the Luggage store gallery, Surfrider foundation, life rolls on foundation or one of many other good causes. One organic creation of RVCAs ANP has been the birth of the Quarterly arts magazine. A free publication produced without the restraint of advertising, allowing complete editorial freedom for Ed Templeton, Brendan Fowler and Aaron Rose. The ANP Quarterly focuses on a broad range of subjects and situations all of which stimulate thought and response.

New products arriving soon.