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Alltimers Skateboards Winter 17 Collection

The Alltimers Skateboards Winter '17 collection is available in-store now.

Pryce Holmes first popped onto our radar in Rob Harris' Rich Mahogany - a video we have talked about before and have made clear how much we love.

It was when we heard he was behind the fledging Alltimers label that it sparked our interest and now we see them return in-store for another season, and trust us, it was worth the wait.

The Canadian native started the label back in 2013 and instantly made his mark amongst the slew of upstarts that appeared at the time. Alltimers Skateboards are the company we all wanted but never thought would happen, a company that feels riddled with inside jokes and tongue in cheek graphics that couldn't be further from the mass produced logo boards in 8 colours that has become standard for any company over the age of 10.

What is probably the key to Alltimers Skateboards success is that the references drawn upon are so diverse that there is undeniably at least one skateboard they have made that belongs on your wall and feels like the board you've always wanted. This season for example we see Sir David Attenborough feature on one of the decks, laid up by graphic master Bosco Picard. Whilst Sir David is undoubtedly world famous this deck most definitely pulls a string for us Brits.

Alongside the decks is a broad but considered collection of apparel that boasts logo-spoofs, colours that aren't just white and black and a couple of straight up bootlegs to top it all.

Alltimers Skateboards

Alltimers Skateboards

Alltimers Skateboards

The Alltimers Skateboards Winter '17 collection is available in-store and online now.

And yes we do have that Chicken Nugget board...